In poker, an expression used to answer the pesky question, "What do/did you have?" Popularized by professional poker player Layne Flack in a television appearance on the World Poker Tour.
"What did you have?"
"You beat."
by MrBlini May 8, 2005
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A common question a group of males asks one another when a attractive you lady approaches.
Hey Pinkerton, they lady in the red tube beat?
by BXPaPaShango June 24, 2008
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This idiom means, I was going to say/do the same thing and you did it before I could.
a: Shall we do something tonight
b: You beat me to it. Shall we go to Joe's?
by firestart November 26, 2013
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Like a sore dick
Person 1: Wow that's a great deal on that broccoli.
Accomplice: Yep, like a sore dick.
Person 1: What??
Accomplice: You can't beat it.
by Best Alex November 28, 2018
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To inflict bodily harm upon your person.
"If you keep talking smack, I will throw you a beating.
by Logan9a November 12, 2010
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To completely own someone in Pokemon puzzle league
"I'm gonna beat you on dad!"
"Alright, let me fire up the N64."
by Nick Lytle May 22, 2008
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"Jack me off like you beat your own meat!}" is what I tell my {roomie to do to me sometimes.
Hey Matt, Jack me off like you beat your own meat!
by eda-skip November 24, 2021
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