to apply a full face of makeup.
first let me bake my face
by julianaa February 22, 2017
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common slang in ireland for the word 'mouth'. mostly used as part of an insulting sentence. comes from the word 'beek', like a pigeon's beek. could also be prounounced 'baik'
'here, mate, i'll do your knees in'

'shut you your bake'
by Mark the Shark May 21, 2004
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Yoooo i was over dat smut bitch crib last nite.
Did u bake nigga?
What u think she a whore. lol
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To not excrete bowel movement even though the body signals the need to do so.
Hurry up and get out of that shitter. I'm bustin to go.
Piss off! You're just gonna have to bake it.
by yorrick hunt January 5, 2008
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With baking you can make delicious things. Baking is a difficult process, but with the click of a button you can turn all your ingredients into one baked good. There are different kinds of baking as well. There's normal baking, which is the most common baking. You can also get color baking, for baking the color, hardness baking for baking the roughness, glossy baking for baking metal, and displacement baking for cooking the displacement. You can get many other kinds of baking, but those 5 are the most common types used by bakers. Once all their ingredients are plugged into material output they can bake some delicious goods. The smell of Christmas fills the room once the goods finish baking. Cooking speed is dependent on your cooking devices’ power. Every cooking device will yield the same result, but at different speeds.
Yesterday I plugged a ton of ingredients into material output, and baked 4 delicious wood maps.

Andrew Price himself is a professional at all kinds of baking.
by Michael Hyperwebster November 22, 2022
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