It means "keep on doing what you do". i.e. "keep raping girls or killing dogs, or whatever".
Michael Vick: So, I got this big game coming up.

Kobe Bryant: Be epic.

Michael Vick: Yeah, we might win it. But if we don't, I'll just go home and drown a few puppies. Then I'll feel better. You be epic too, Kobe.

Kobe Bryant: I was epic last night when I slipped this girl a roofie and fucked her in the ass.

Michael Vick: High five!
by ChuckChaser69 January 10, 2011
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Combination of epic and musicality, coined by DJ MistaJam (Host of the BBC Radio 1xtra show). Often used with a hash tag on twitter or just said on the show to describe the brilliance a song he's playing. Can be used to describe any type of great record, no matter the genre.
This new track MistaJam is playing is PURE #EPICALITY.

by DJVATION January 4, 2012
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the quality of being epic
that fire has some serious epicality
by robindaybyday October 13, 2009
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Epical is what you say when something is epic and radical at the same time.
Jonas: Dude, I found a free phone on the side of the road
Jimmy: Whoa, that's so epical!
by Bendew February 9, 2019
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(1)way more than epic
(2)way better than somthing that is already epic
see epic and then multiply it by 109,492,847,832.2
Dude, this vid. is way epicer than that one.
by WNxSexyCat April 29, 2008
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the state and degree of being experiential, participative, image-driven, and connected.
In the spectrum of epicity, those in the leftmost merely read blogs, watch video from other users, read online forums, and listen to podcasts; those in the middle rate and annotate videos, add tags to photos, and use RSS; while those in the rightmost do publish own webpages, and upload own music and video, and post stories and articles online.
by Esoj Ludaf April 7, 2010
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To describe something that is so amazing that no other word is able to describe its awesomeness.
I'll take this potato chip... AND EAT IT! (Epicness music plays in background)
by DreamHack January 23, 2009
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