Noun: A shortened version of "video", "music video", or "fanvid".

Verb: The act of creating a fanvid.
This is such a great vid OMG!

I love to vid.
by Wendy December 13, 2004
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Slang for COVID-19 that sounds as dangerous as AIDS.
by alextrovert November 17, 2020
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vid is a Sanskrit root meaning "know". It formed the basis for video in Ancient Greek and later Latin. To the East it formed the basis for avidya. In all cases the personal vid meant "knowledge".
diVIDe there are thousands of others in languages around the world.

by Videography Labs September 17, 2007
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Knowledge obtained by the senses. Primal in origin, but applicable in any hood.
Providence provides vivid evidence dividing vidiot video
by Bob Kiger September 22, 2007
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Short for Virgin In Denial. Also see V.I.D.
by AdamRamone March 27, 2005
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A shortened version of videogame used occasionally in magazines and among semi-hardcore gamers
dude did you see the new vid i got yesterday?
by hippoking June 18, 2004
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slow, retard, unlikely to succeed
Vid Milisavljevic
by anko September 29, 2003
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