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Epical is what you say when something is epic and radical at the same time.
Jonas: Dude, I found a free phone on the side of the road
Jimmy: Whoa, that's so epical!
by Bendew February 08, 2019
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When an event is so epic, that is seams magical.
When I showed up at Bingo, I was already stoked. But winning my ten dollar bar tab was epical!
by rocknmom November 10, 2009
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when epic isn't enough to describe the magnitude of something
did you see that guy jump over an oncoming car? that was Epical!
by masteroffire January 01, 2012
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Ep·ic·al Eh-pic-all
1. From the word epic or epically. Meaning astounding or amazing; An expression of awe and wonder, when the term epic is just not enough.
2. A word used to describe great heroics and adventures, usually in literature.
3. When something is so epic is seems magical
see also: epic, epically, awesome, astounding
"That explosion was epical!"
"That was so epical!"
"The sparkling waves crashing against the rocks was just epical."
by Dark Prophecy May 05, 2015
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this word is basically the most intense thing you can get. Its jjust so amazing. Instead of saying amazing for something that is cool. or intense for smething that was crazy. you can use this word in basically any sentance.and epic. no. it doesnt mean a long joureny. it is the shortened form of epical. dont listen to others who tell you not.

Thats how fricken cool i am.
The tube looked epical.
The ride was epical.
It was so epical.
I wish i was epical.
there are many ways to use this word.
so why not use it?
by Mustafa123 October 17, 2007
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When something is so epic, it can hardly be put into words.
Person one: Hey, did you see that show last night?

by TheAwesomeMe November 17, 2011
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