this is houston are code, mostly cell phones, but also some parts of the city, no one area, see also 713 or 281
yo, 832, that bith got a cell phone????
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Someone you Love...❤️
More than you....
thought possible...
a person you think...
of day and night...
just told you...
832... I Love you...
by Wanderlust_721 August 28, 2023
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a great combination of value menu food at Wendy's good to split between two people, costing a total of $8.32.

It consists of 4 junior bacon cheeseburgers, 2 five-piece chicken nuggets, 1 small frosty and 1 small drink (usually lemonade).

Always get 1 ranch sauce and 2 barbecue sauces to make barbaranchecue sauce with this shit. it's BOMB.
Sam: Let's go to the spot and get the 832.
Amanda: Shit son, what a great idea.
by mandabee January 17, 2007
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930 832 430
930 832 430
by 930 832 430 May 15, 2020
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