For example:
Going outside to learn, as in a charter school; learning is hands-on and experienced personally instead of in-class.
"Lake Superior High School, formerly known as Peaks, is an experiential charter otherwords, there are lots of field trips! ^.^ "
by Dave July 6, 2004
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To give someone an "experience" as a gift like a hot stone massage, hot air balloon ride, sharkdiving coined by EMR.
Giving "EG" experiential gift it so cool -- my friend gave me tandem hang gliding for my birthday and it rocked.
by Adele Cehrs October 20, 2007
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Temporary loss of consciousness from a very pleasureful experience; may result from the height of orgasm but mainly caused through heightened pleasurable situational experiences or episodes.
OMG I finally experienced Experiential Euphoric Syncope without being choked out!; Fénix soft shell crab sandwich caused me Experiential Euphoric Syncope! His gifts and compliments pleasure me past the state of Orgasm straight into a Experiential Euphoric Syncope.
by OP Space Camper November 10, 2021
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