A gift from god himself

A gift that will look after his friends and usually doesnt get angry

has a mega cock
Hey man whats your cock size


Whoa thats prettey poggers
by NotEthrealAdonis December 22, 2020
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Meet a Jonas once and you’ve felt like you’ve known them your whole life, a connection like no other. Always puts othrs before them without a second thought. They are committed for the long haul with you and make it a priority that you are happy. A Jonas is extremely humorous and very insightful, honest about what they need but can sometimes forget they give too much of themselves away. Jonas’s are beyond sweet, maybe sweeter than the tears of angels, always going out of their way to make you smile, extremely family friendly but a hard core stoner, they are athletic and always have the perfect car ride playlists. Jonas’s are really appreciative, a small gesture of kindness goes a long way and may mean more than you know. Jonas’s aren’t fragile but do handle them with care because they are worth something to be cherished for a life time and cannot be replaced. A Jonas will give their all to you weather it be missing an important event to spend a minute with you to getting on his knees to seek approval from your loved ones, a Jonas is extremely handsome, absolutely goofy consisting of a smile of a prince from a fairy tail, eyes that are vast and welcoming like a fall day, a Jonas is comparatively taller than the general population which makes them a perfect candidate to take to a crowded event. A Jonas will be your bestfriend, Jonas’s will enter your life unexpectedly it’s important you strive to be your best self because a Jonas is always doing more for you.
Wow, I just met a Jonas... is this heaven on earth?
by Anniefarrell October 18, 2019
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Jonas is a special dude. He’s sweet, caring, will always listen to you, and offer his honest opinion. Not to mention, he’s pretty hot. He works hard and is resilient and smart. He gives you advice when you don’t know what to do and need help. He’s funny and sarcastic, and knows how to make you laugh until your chest hurts. He makes an amazing boyfriend and will truly be your best friend. Talking to him is like taking a pause from the world and drama, and taking a second to relax and enjoy being with him. I love Jonas, he’s amazing! 💗
Girl, “I think I’ve fallen in love.”
Friend, “Yup! That’s Jonas for you.”
by hotmutantninja March 5, 2020
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Jonas is one of the most best person you'll ever met. He is just so much fun to be around and he'll make you laugh so much. He super talented and smart, he has the best personality. He'll always be there even when you screwed. He that one person that you'll fall in love with and always be in love with. If you ever met a Jonas, you're one of the luckiest person ever. He'll always be on your mind, and he super good looking.
Have you met Jonas, he is one of the best.
by Happiness.grace September 11, 2020
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The artifact with the most amount of chromosomes known to man, it is said that Jonas has about 5000 chromosomes!
Bruh do you have more chromosomes than Jonas?
by minecraftproffecianal112 April 11, 2021
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The supreme being of sex.
Jonas is breathtaking in the bedroom and can fulfil all your of your dirtiest fantasies, he truly is a supreme being among men.
Ladies are always crawling back to him for more.
"I had such a great night with Jonas"
"Omg how was he?!"
"I've never had better and still can feel my legs shaking"
"Holy shit you have to get me with him!"
"No way, I'm having him again tonight"
by DefinitelyNotJonas October 6, 2020
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Usually a nice guy. A class clown that usually gets in trouble, but laughs it off. Makes jokes to hide his insecurities, but if you adress this to him, he'll deny it and back himself up with a corny joke. Jonas' find themselves unnable to cry in front of others, but if you happen to come across him at the time, stay there by his side and comfort him. When he stops, give him a big ass hug.
"Hey look, It's Jonas!"
by AlexNotAlex June 22, 2018
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