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the state and degree of being experiential, participative, image-driven, and connected.
In the spectrum of epicity, those in the leftmost merely read blogs, watch video from other users, read online forums, and listen to podcasts; those in the middle rate and annotate videos, add tags to photos, and use RSS; while those in the rightmost do publish own webpages, and upload own music and video, and post stories and articles online.
by Esoj Ludaf April 07, 2010
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1. the quality or state of being epic.
2. a measurement of how epic a given thing or situation is.
β€œDude, the epicity level of your nuclear powered cell phone/toothbrush is off the charts!”
by My-Chal October 23, 2010
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Epicity: (n) pronunciation: E-pi-si-ty

Definition: A noun that is used in a statement that describes the "uberness" or, "epicness" of a situation or object. "Epicity" can only be used when referring to the "uberness" or, "epicness" of something. it may only be used in positive connotation. this means that one must use this to state an uberness/epicness that at least must be over 8 in a scale of 0-10. In a more ideal sense, it would be 9; therefore putting the stating (statement of approval) at, or higher than 90%.
The epicity of my day was when you threw a bag of dog barf into that rich guy's car!
by Tonito da favella November 22, 2010
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Epic is a rising type of Clique.
This Clique is usually confused in reverse, with Outkasts.

Epics ( Or Outkasts )...

1. Are usually the ones who will be crazy enough to do anything.
2. Are the life of any party.
3. Stand out, make a mark in anyones life.
4. Gets along with most Cliques if not all.
5. Epics can tune into anyone and anything.

The Epic Clique is truly named from a made up word. Epicity.

( Eh-Piss-A-Tee )

Which was originally the underground name for it before Outkast came about.

Epics SOMETIMES are also confused around with the Emo section.
As far as emo goes though, some things are sketchy.

Epicity usually is adopted from a friend thats into being Epic, or an Outkast.

Epic actings:

Epic's act without a care mostly, but at times are very wise. They make up the worlds entertainment.

Zero Wing.
Ect, ect.

Epic is also a word for amazing, but beyond.

It's used to explain the unexplainable, there for, Epics, being Epic.
" The fucking epics..always them. "

" Outkast's annoy me alittle, but they know how to have fun. "

" Please, show your Epicity somewhere else. This is Serious.."

" Show your inner Epicity "

" Epic Win. "

" End. "
" Fail, or Win. "
by Be Epicity June 09, 2008
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