Term for Rohypnol, a sedative that was made in the early 1970s by Roche and was used in hospitals only for deep sedation. It is now a fairly infamous date-rape drug. Has also been known to be used recreationally
I like it when
My hair is poofie
I like it when
You slip me a roofie
by mooohooooo November 28, 2005
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What desperate sick fuckers use to get laid. Its a pill form of the drug rohypnal which causes the taker...or in this case victim..to lose all self control, independence and slight conscious loss so that they can be raped without resistance. Most cases involve the rapist putting the disolvable pill into an unattended beverage.
"Dude here put this in her drink and she'll be easy to handle"
"You fucking sick roofie slipping cunt i hope you die.
by ohwefoh September 29, 2006
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n. Generic slang term used to describe any date-rape drug (GHB, Rohypnol or Ketamine for example).
He slipped a roofie in her drink and she passed out.
by sensible_summer July 17, 2005
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a date rape drug, that can commonly be found in punch at college frat parties
dudee did you see sean last night?
Yeah he doesn't remember anything he got roofied.
by lauraisbanginnn September 17, 2012
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date rape pill commonly slipped into drinks
sawgwa goes into boys cars with them and slips roofies into their drinks then rapes them. it is kind of strange.
by mermottermatelf December 7, 2008
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What anyone with a penis will need before they can bang Lindsay Lohan.
I had to slip 3 roofies into LiLo's drink before it had any effect on her.
by Dyke van Dick August 7, 2010
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I wish someone'd waste a roofie in my drink. I'd be hella fucked up.
by ive-ree August 26, 2003
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