A slang term for everyone in the LGBTQIA+ community
Person One: Aye, man? You on the spectrum?

Person Two: Nah, I just love rainbows
by LGBTgirlrainbows November 26, 2016
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A phrase used to describe a person with social tics and/or awkwardness usually associated with autism or asperger's syndrome.
"That kid seems a little off to me."
"Yeah, totally - I think he's on the spectrum."

"Sheldon Cooper is such a funny character..he's definitely on the spectrum, though. "
by ggthghjr October 19, 2013
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An absolutely unreliable internet connection, commonly crashing up to 4 times a night.
Man I hate Spectrum.
by AceNX May 23, 2021
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A cashgrabbing, penny-whoring, satanic reincarnation of Time Warner Cable that gives retarded prices for retarded products for the purpose of trapping poor old people into taking into their crappy deals.

A shittier version of Verizon.
John: Hey I just subscribed to Spectrum today!
Nick: Are you stupid? You’re getting scammed, Verizon is where its at.
by January 05, 2019
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When your internet connection drops for a few seconds and comes back and everything reconnects.
by Teddoi June 24, 2018
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1. A continuous distribution of colored light produced when a beam of white light is dispersed into its components, e.g. by a prism.

2. A range of radiation frequencies that have a particular property.

3. A visual record of the wavelengths of the radiation or particles emitted (see Emit) by a substance, used as a means of analyzing its physical properties such as energy and mass.

4. A range of values, especially one with opposite values at its limits.

5. The range of organisms that an antibiotic can kill.

1. A buautiful spectrum.
2. There's several spectrums in the air.
3. On the spectrum you can see the wavelengths of the radiation or particles emitted by the strange object.
4. A spectrum of opinions between the policital parties.
5. This antibiotic has a large spectrum.
by Jafje September 05, 2007
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