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A curse that will summon a evil little troll who will keep harassing your life no matter what you do.
Never break up with a gypsy girl for someone else or she'll give you the bartle curse.
by Lucas_JWF February 06, 2009
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During a game of drinking monopoly, if one player makes an outrageously bad trade to gain lower level properties such as Baltic Ave. and uses out of game incentives to accomplish said trade.
"Man, he's an idiot. He bartled 2 green hits, half a pack of cigs and a beer for Connecticut!"
by RyanB7 September 22, 2008
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shortarse little emo boy who sits in the dark and listens to Emo (I mean Funeral) for a Friend
hey, Bartle for a Friend, stick this on your face!!
by zutroy February 11, 2004
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