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Compromise, conformity, assimilation, submission, ignorance, hypocrisy, brutality, the elite
All of which are American Dreams
by zutroy September 14, 2004
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Ignore the other definition of this. For a better definition of Manchester Cunts, see Manchester City
by zutroy July 8, 2004
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The World's Greatest Team (TM)

The only Manchester team worth a mention

Their alternative names include Man United, MUFC, United.
'Man U' is a horrible abbreviation and one that real United fans hate
Manchester United dominated English football throughout the late 50's, late 60's and all of the 90's.
It's a shame they've become a corporate brand, but the local football club element still remains at Old Trafford, despite what the ABU's say

'We are the pride of all Europe, the cock of the north. We hate the scousers, the cockneys of course (and leeds!)'
by zutroy January 9, 2005
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A 'football team' with probably the most pathetic and troublesome set of fans in the history of English football.
Still consider Manchester United and Chelsea as their biggest rivals, despite the fact that they are light years away from either team in the old Division 1.
Have a history of hooliganism, neo-Nazism and sick songs about the 1958 Munich air disaster amongst sections of their moronic fanbase.
Leeds United ought to grow up and realise that every other team in this country hates their LOCAL rivals. Bradford City follow this, and hate Leeds with a passion, but Leeds obviously think by hating two of England's top teams instead, they are just trying to boost their own tiny profile.
by zutroy December 20, 2004
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We wanna be free to do what we wanna do
And we wanna get loaded
And we wanna have a good time
That’s what we’re gonna do
by zutroy September 26, 2004
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Soon-to-be-debt-ridden club with barcodes for shirts and a penchant for signing complete arseholes
Bowyer, Woodgate, Bellamy, Shearer, Kluivert

"We saw you crying on the telly!"
by zutroy August 30, 2004
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