An area where hookers work.
I picked up a bitch on the track and got my dick sucked for dub.
by Damien W. May 25, 2008
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An acknowledgment of a logical progression based on personal information.
John: Jeffery and Jaden are going out!

Jack: I can see that.

John: Jeffery has been talking nonstop about it.

Jack: That tracks.

(Jeffery is known for talking a lot)
by B-DUD April 7, 2019
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A military term used to convey acknowlegement and/or understanding.
Squad Leader: Alpha team, Recon the hill in grid TD234437, Tracking?

Alpha Team Leader: What is a grid?

Squad Leader: You are tracking like a broken VCR!
by leadthrower August 28, 2006
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GIJane: I didn't get the idea before, but I'm tracking now.
by Roshlyn June 15, 2006
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hair extensions that are glued onto your scalp, so called because the base crisscrosses like train tracks
"peirlietta, girl, you tracks be on all crooked"
by lauren September 1, 2003
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A commonly used street term referring to the area where prostitutes and pimps work. It's called the track because much like a track, the prostitute walks the area or block over and over in laps.
I worked the track everyday. My pimp made me work the track till he got paid.
by Nightriderjoe September 11, 2009
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A sport involving lots of running at a fast pace. The hardest working athletes are usually on track. Although they get little glory they know why they do it... Fo' the LADIES
The hottest girls in the school were the long distance runners on the track team
by Urban Dictionary June 2, 2004
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