A Desiree is a person who will love and care for you. Desiree will listen to your problems and take the time out of her day to love you. She can be an amazing girlfriend if you show her love and care for her. She can be an amazing friend with a great sense of humor who'll make you laugh with weird jokes (In the good way). She is one of my best friends and the best girlfriend on the face of the earth if you ever find this later on I hope you know that I love you very much I always will. Don't ever let anyone tell you a different story of how I never cared for you. I gave you everything go could spare my time money and me I hope you like what I wrote because I love you
Omg is that Desiree I never realized that she's a pawg
by Raymond Rodriquez February 9, 2019
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Desiree is a beautiful young lady. She is often impulsive but very creative. She often has trouble with confrontation and gets herself into trouble. Yet Desiree is always determined to make things right. She is a hard worker and very headstrong. She is usually the one in charge of a relationship but let's her partner have say over a lot of things. She is silly at times and can also be very sexy. She has mood swings but she is such a sweet adorable girl no one could ever stay mad at her.
by Babyblue456 May 14, 2017
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The girl who isn't afraid to be herself. She loves YouTube and music. Everyone knows her name, yet she isn't popular. She has her own group of friends that she can be weird with. Can be shy, but never shows it. Different in a good way. She likes to help others and is never self centered. Daydreams a lot and can soon good stories. Has a temper, but can control it. Has a good memory, except with math and school.
Desiree is so unique and confident!
by Jedivoicon October 6, 2015
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Desiree is a very unique, gorgeous, outstanding smart girl, who doesn't really have much self-confidence for herself . She loves to recive love from her partner, and the littlest things will make her want to break up with her. BE CAREFUL WITH THIS BBYG. Desiree will give you the world if you deserve it; Very fiesty and CAN be sassy and bad. If she doesn't like you, im pretty sure she'll make that clear. Has probably been through alot and mostly hides her feelings. ALWAYS puts others first than herself. Is most likely a virgin but the type that loves to tease you if SHE WANTS. She does what she wants when she wants, don't play her. She'll EXPOSE yo ass. She has a gorgeous face and curly hair and brown eyes. Desiree is vv hard to get and is not a player, if yall together then its you & her + the world. She is very loving and doesn't like to see her loved ones hurt. However when she's hurt to her it may seem like no one cares but she is so damn worng because people love her so damn much she doesn't fucking know. Is most likely a Virgo. And has her sense of humor. Actually is attracted to people who are funny as hell. Her bestfriends come first because she has trust in them more than anyone else; More than herself. Her bond with her family is amazing. She is {like i said} gorgeous like drop dead gorgeous she'll make your heart flutter or skip a beat , she will easily fall in love with someone who will treat her right. Desiree is damn right perfect.
Oh damn man, you date Desiree!!
Yeah bro, im never letting her cute ass go.
by --heyuu April 16, 2019
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Desiree's are usually brunette..there really gorgeous and beautiful..fun to be around...any guy should be lucky to have her as a girlfriend..shes really funny...and trustworthy..they can keep promises and there loyal
Get you a Desiree
by Chelse Ray December 22, 2016
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A girl that is unbelievably gorgeous. However, she honestly has no idea how gorgeous she is and that makes her truly beautiful. She is also sweet and honest which often cause her to struggle with her words because she never wants to hurt anybody but she wouldn't want to lead them on either.
That girl looks that great without ever looking in a mirror, she must be a Desiree.

Wow, every time Desiree talks to me I smile.
by soccer_rebel May 30, 2011
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She is an over the top savage, smart asf and honestly don’t gaf about what anybody has to say but tends to have a slight attitude problem at times but besides that she’s caring and loving just don’t try her patience nor waste her time, she won’t hesitate to confront u and she won’t hesitate to take yo man in front of yo friends hide them ladies.
Josh: she fine asf with a bad ass attitude and short ash
Ace: yea man that’s desiree
by There she go March 25, 2018
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