When everyone in rotation of the bong agrees to light jus a corner of the fresh green herb so EVERYONE will get gren instead of just the first person to hit it.
Hey fuckers its GREEN HITS stop killin it!
by MrGrinch August 7, 2003
A band from Santa Rosa Beach, Fl., GREEN HIT is known for their evocative music which contains no lyrics, and also for their exclusive, ALL INCLUSIVE, all night extravaganzas. GREEN HIT shows are a sensory feast, with premium sound and intelligent lighting tantalizing any musical thrill seeker's palette. The instrumentation of GREEN HIT is: 1. Chase- keys/synths/effects, 2. McDruggers- drums, 3. Tone- bass, 4. Trey- trumpet/synth/sequencers/effects, 5. Joey- lights/sound/archival.
Did you check out that last GREEN HIT show? If not you can hear some streaming tunes from a recent show @ greenhit.net
by Electro T September 30, 2009
When smoking marijuana, the first hit off the pipe is the green hit.
Pass that shit to the left hand side, its my turn to take the green hit!
by Junglistbadbwoii December 21, 2003
Fresh weed unmolested by the flame. This hit typically tastes better than all subsequent hits.
"Pack that again and pass it to me so I can light it up and take a fresh green hit!"
by Johan von Rumlinhoffer March 6, 2005
Getting the first hit of marajuana off of a pipe or bong.
" Pass it to me first , i get the green hit this time. "
by BobbiFergie October 25, 2007
The second hit out of any marijuana smoking device. No one ever wants to take this hit, but first is the worst and second is the best.
Person one: "Hey man, do you want green hit?"
Person two: "Hey, you take green hit, I'll take green brown hit ;)."
by Sharon Fiddley November 14, 2008
Also known as Green Day Fix, originated when me and Rory realised we couldn't get enough of the American Idiot's albumn and were becoming addicted. Therfore everyday we need our Green Day fix to keep us alive and semi on the ball. The day has not begun until I have my Green Day hit.
Me: Woah dude, i haven't had my Green Day Hit.
R:Yeah me neither, better have it.
Me:Ahhh, thats better...
by Roxy February 2, 2005