1. v. to make unlucky
2. (cursed)adj. made unlucky
3. v. something you say to someone when you're mad at them; alteration of darn, d*m*, or f***
1. I cursed that book.
2. That book is cursed! Don't touch it!
3. Curse you!
by Anthony January 15, 2004
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A stupid excuse for fans of the Red Sox to mask the fact their precious team suck major ass. Wow the Red Sox won a world series, only took them over 80 fucking years.
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n. curse (kûrs)

1. A period in time lasting 86 years.
2. The time period lasting from 1918 to 2004 in which the Boston Red Sox of the American League did not win a World Series Championship in Major League Baseball. The Red Sox finally broke the curse by winning the World Series in October of 2004, defeating the St. Louis Cardinals in a 4 game sweep.
"During the duration of the curse, the loyal Red Sox fans were subjected to excruciating agony."
by bz_sleeper August 21, 2006
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A retarded and pointless way of insulting someone. Cursing in arguments shows that either A) the person is weak, B) the argument is weak, or C) both. The answer is usually C. However, the ones who are offended by curses are just as weak and pitiful as the ones who curse in arguments. Cursing for an insult is just as pitiful, for it shows you don't have brains to come of with a good insult. However cursing is DEFINATELY not immature, nor is it bad. It's not like I'm afraid of a word I'll say it fuck fuck fuck fuck, however using it in regular life is just pointless.
I don't curse, not because I'm a chicken, but because it's pointless.
by dref said right June 02, 2004
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to smoke dat good sh*t in a brand new ride
yo, check out john boys new whip, I got a bag lets curse that b*tch
by heezie May 04, 2007
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Something almost impractical or outright strange but not quite, the metaphysical variant of jank
Bob: Your shelf mounted computer monitor is super cursed
Joe: Yea but it works for me
by Alchemy Jug January 19, 2021
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