It is the average velocity of 69 air laden swallows at an altitude of 420 meters.
Sharon is hoe cuz she has eleventeen bajillion kids.
by Baguette Bumbo November 7, 2018
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a faulty assurance of many many things, that will never occur; an unattainable and exaggerated number, usually used by men to make promises they cannot keep.
"oh baby, i'll make you orgasm a million bajillion times"
by Megan O' Malley July 26, 2006
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Used to demonstrate such a ridiculous amount of time, you have to define it by a non-existent number.
I waited to have sex with you for like, a thousand bajillion years! That's way more than I ever would have waited for anyone else!
by JJ Sparkles November 19, 2012
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A number equal exactly to how much one person loves another person. its used to describe it in a numeric value with a specific but undetermined value.
Boy: I love you a Bajillion!
Girl: wow that's a lot!
by Heamo October 12, 2018
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more then a million more then a billion more then a trillion
thats a brilliant idea. you know how many views the video wouldve had??? Bajillions! hahaha
by Trentiee June 7, 2011
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