Can I get a grader of that weed? No way man. She's only selling halves.
by cherylinmemphis November 19, 2007
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A group of people somehow smarter than fully grown adults
Fifth grader: What's 9 + 10?
Adult: ...
by anonym0u$e December 1, 2022
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Coming from a current 7th grader

It fucking sucks
So, imma divide by boys and girls sorry non binary

they love that sweet sweet gossip and drama, and most of them are vsco girls, k-pop fan girls, trying-to-be-ghetto girls, actual-ghetto girls, the magnet, orchestra asian girls (there’s surprisingly a lot of them at my school), uwu-y, and the ones who lost their virginity. The less common ones are the emos/goths, memey, athletics, preppy, and the NORMAL ones. I am a girl myself and we fight alot and 9/10, they stay at war with each other and never become friends and ruin each other’s lives by rumors/gossip. basically it’s shit. and the 8th/7th grader dudes always wanna bang u.

Boys: they’re too prev honestly (most of them, not all). they always talk about jerking off and boners and sex, etc. i’m friends with some of these boys and they never want to do that with me (so whew). they can be memey, but the dank ones. then there’s the gangster/ghetto ones. they’re the ones who actually fuck girls in school and leave around the used condoms everywhere. nasty actually. and they always act all hood and stuff. then there are the nerds/magnet. they’re WAY less disgusting and they honestly have no interest in sex, just school (yay :D). then the weird ones. they never shut up and they talk about usually concering stuff. the normal ones are slim to none of just existing. but atleast when they fight, they make up with each other in 5 min or less

so yeah, 7th graders kinda suck
i don’t really have an example, sorry, im not good at explaining shit. don’t wanna confuse u guys
7th grader: omg drama is so cool
by lame_wannabe_emo_here September 23, 2019
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a stupid kid like myself who thinks they are all cool for one year, because they are the oldest kids in the school, but then when they go to high school, they will be complete dorks, and wont be invited to any parties, and wont how cool they thought they were in the 8th grade.
I'm an 8th grader, thats why!
by 8th grade girl May 13, 2005
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An offensive lineman in the sport of Football (American) who punishes defenders as a run blocker. Road graders dominate at the point of attack, paving the way for an effective ground game. They will run over you or they will run through you. A true road grader plays with a mean streak, finishing blocks and playing through the whistle.
When they need a 1st down, the Giants run behind their LG Will Hernandez out of UTEP. Guy is an absolute road grader.
by HeavyHandedBrawler January 11, 2019
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This is coming from a current 7th grader.

A lot of them give us a bad name. They can't spell, they think they can DATE in 7th grade (Some think they're in LOVE. How funny is that?), and their Myspaces are cluttered with Glitter Graphics. A LOT of the guys are immature. All they do is make sexual jokes and say "That's what she said." Some think they're emo. Some will be wanna-be scene kids next year. (Judging by all the 8th graders.)

I'm nothing like that. I'm in 7th grade, and I like George Michael and Tom Jones. I do not dress like a slut and I don't think I'm superior to anybody. I'm not obnoxious.

The rest are just normal 7th graders. You can't really write a definition for '7th grader' because they're all different.
This is a 7th grader's Facebook status. She's from my school.

"stayed up all night talkinn' to himm. he isz my liyyfe now (:"

Next day: (No, I'm serious, the NEXT day.)

"I'm tired of thisz bullshit! I'm single, and staying that way! (:"

The next week she had a new boyfriend, and she broke up with him a day later and called him a fag.
by No Jacket Required January 27, 2010
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A yummy snack for the family. Great for thanksgiving dinner
can we eat a 1st grader for dinner tonight
by yummy1stgrader September 30, 2019
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