an exclamation most commonly used if one if horny and/or has just witnessed a very horny situation, such as fucking.
Alex: Yo, im going over to Jan's hosue tonight to have some fun

Steffi: Oh baby!
by oh, baby, horny, fucking, fuck November 24, 2008
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When a hot girl goes by or a hot car, something sexy or beautiful, you holler "oh baby"
"Look at that hot girl man, shes walking by right now, oh baby!!!"
by Alan Pugach Barker December 6, 2006
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When you are hungry and you see a lot of food on the table
Guy #1: look at all that food
Guy #2: Oh baby...
by Krygon December 4, 2016
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"Oh baby, a triple!" is a phrased coined by a child playing one of the Call Of Duty games. He happens to be wielding a sniper rifle during a round of ffa, and while camping comes across 3 people standing in a line. He fires, and headshots all 3 players, shortly after saying "Oh baby a triple! Oh yeah!" The term is commonly used among gaming communities, and it may be used as a literal term to describe a triple kill, or it would be used as sarcasm, to show someone their accomplishment wasn't very important.
"Just got a triple kill in call of duty!" "Oh baby a triple!"
"I just noscoped someone for the first time!
by Johnyknowhow March 15, 2015
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What Harry styles got the audience to do every once in a while at a 1d show it’s like a game of Simon says Harry says do something and they do it
Harry stylesOH BABY YES
Audience copy’s “OH BABY YEAH”
by Oh baby yes September 11, 2021
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A word coined by the famous Ricky Bobby now used as a synonym for phrases like "Oh shit," Oh no," and my personal favorite, "Well fuck me"
Someone: I forgot my phone and my keys and my underwear.
Me: Oh baby jesus that sucks cow balls.
by THESEAREREALWORDS December 14, 2017
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