i have authority over you
by Anonymous September 23, 2002
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the thing that society will always hate and critisize, no matter who is currently 'it'. The thing that keeps people in line. The thing that somehow keeps people recycling and being nice to strangers. This thing is seconded only to Hollywood, which commands much more respect and power. Without it, we would return to being animals, relying only on instincts.
Person 1: Dude i hate the government, and cops and shit, i hate them

Person 2: You cant imagine what would happen without authority dude
by Jimmy the Reaper August 18, 2006
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What people hate but don't realize they cant live without it because people are stupid.
Now that authority is gone who will tell what to do?
by RPtheFP May 24, 2005
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Friend: dude I've been watching this hot girl on webcam. I think she's about to start stripping!
Me: Damn! Let me know when she does so I can report it to the "authorities".
Friend: are you talking about your junk again?
Me: Hellz yeah!
by Urbandictionaryarab April 01, 2017
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At what age does someone get the authority to shut shit down? If they can shut something down at 40 something, they could do the same thing at 2, and if they couldn't do it at 2, they don't have the authority to do.it at 40 something.
Authority or status is kind of like a title on a piece of paper or a plate of metal. It's about as meaningless as life itself.
by Solid Mantis April 27, 2021
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