Keep anyone named jovian. They are the most kind human species. They will do anything for their loved ones. Especially with their partners. Even they are in pain. They still want anyone to be happy. They will make happy anyone first than themselves. They are not selfish. They are giving. They are happy when they see others happy.
Do you have any answers Jovian?

Ask for some from Jovian. He will give you.
by miea13ble June 9, 2021
Jovian is a boy that is easy to get along with he's very charming young-man he has a very quick temper he's funny, handsome, athletic, caring.
Everybody need a Jovian
by Triy1212 June 6, 2017
A very extremely Horny guy. Who denies being gay but deep down is. A great friend neither the less. A kind person but can turn dangerous if he wishes to
by Particularly Stupid April 26, 2022
Jovian is a very conflicting person usually wanting to start problems for the hell of it. Jovian can be nice at times but when everyone around him is having a good day, he’s the one to ruin it. He makes people laugh with disgusting humor and is disgusting himself. He’s a slob of a BOY, and he doesn’t care about anyone for himself. He’s other wise known as a pervert or man whore.

Example: That man whore is such a Jovian!
Dude why you gotta be a Jovian today
by Jovian’s a virgin December 3, 2019
1. An adjective meaning very good or interesting. Instead of saying cool, say jovian.

2. In relation to Jupiter.
1. NYC is totally jovian.

2. Jovian moons are constantly being discovered.
by lebosi March 24, 2006
A Whalley Wigger, straight outta Surrey who is inspired by k-feds wangsta boo life style.
As we were driving to the mall we noticed a jovian coming out of the Guildford Walmart, wearing gangta boo chains straight from the dollar max.
by jahovians witness January 20, 2007
Line of coke or 'fix'
'pick up a jovian', 'get me a jovian', 'i did a jovian'
by phobia January 11, 2005