The poster child of the Los Angeles Clippers who will dunk the shit out of you.
Hes also the sexiest player in the NBA, seriously.
"Hey, did you see Blake Griffin dunk on Gasol last night?"

"Yeah man, he shitted on him."
by the nator gator April 21, 2013
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One of the most hated NBA players because he will put you on a poster if you're not smart enough to get out of the way once he takes flight aka BG or BG32.
Pau Gasol got posterized so many times by Blake Griffin that he developed vertigo.
by biased nba fan August 8, 2014
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A robot being used for a secret project by the US government that buttrapes the shit out of any tall NBA players and posterize dunks on them
Blake Griffin had such a monster throwdown yesterday on KG, he's probably still wondering what happened.
by Pseudonym41212 March 4, 2011
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