Someone who is never satisfied and always asks for more
Our host asked if anyone wanted seconds. Roger being the Oliver Twist that he is said yes.
Mr. Brown is never satisfied with his pay, he's always asking for more
by defman28 July 2, 2009
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1.) (n)- During doggy style sex, your partner rolls to the side causing your penis to rotate with it.

2.) (n)- An epic novel by Charles Dickens
1.) Frank got an Oliver Twist from Jane

2.) Oliver Twist was one of Charles Dickens memorable books.
by John Kellis Fernando January 5, 2007
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When Oliver asked for some more gruel, the evil man smacked him upside the head with a ladle. What a bastard.
by Joel67 April 20, 2005
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A Chinnese Burn on the area of the male reproductive organ, The Cock.
I Got an Oliver Twist last night
by Podge H February 23, 2009
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When a man takes his penis or "Oliver" and twists it into the shape of a pretzel and inserts it into a womens vagina and as he has intercourse his "olvier" untwists
"hey Marvin what you do last night with Meg?"

"Nigga I gave her and Oliver Twist"
by BigSloppyNigger May 31, 2009
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When a man gets a puddle of his sperm in his belly button, he then gets a person to slurp the sperm out.

They then say "please, sir, I want some more."
Slurping sperm like it's a bowl of soup from belly button, asking for more.

"The Oliver Twist"
by a.fielden June 25, 2014
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The breaking of a penis, in four easy steps:

1. Hold (the shaft of the penis firmly with your hand or hands)
2. Twist (the shaft of the penis, clockwise or counter-clockwise)
3. Wait for the pop (keep on twisting until you do)
4. Pull (to successfully break a penis!)

Especially useful in situations of sexual assault or rape.

Use this knowledge wisely and with care.
In explaining to all of her friends how to give an oliver twist, all of her guy-friends closed their eyes, held their genitals, and outwardly expressed how painful such a maneuver would be while her girl-friends nodded with thanks for the useful information.
by watchoutboys January 15, 2010
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