A delusion of a weak, easily-subdued mind, that believes there exists a person who has more rights than others, and thus has the ability to dictate what reality is and isn't, or should and shouldn't be.

98% of people believe in 'Authority', whether it be Authority through popularity, financial status, or PHDs earned after decades of blindly following a 'reality' that has been curated for you by others, who fallaciously claim to have Authority.

History, if accurate, has shown time and time again that those who follow the status quo (I.e the majority) are the ones that stop society from progressing and allow atrocities to be committed in the name of preserving a (flawed) paradigm.
Sheep: OMG, did you see the new vaccine mandates?
Chad: Idgaf lol, what authority do mandates have over me?
Sheep: Wtf bigot?? trust the science
by The Narrow Path December 21, 2021
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when one gets arhritis from writing
lauren wrote so many short stories that her fingers began to stiffen; a telltale sign of authoritis.
by Mackenzie Schuler May 7, 2007
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"The Authority", also known as "Die Autorität", is a discord mock government monarchist (Former Fascist) server founded by "Wilhelm Keitel".

The flag of Die Autorität is a German Reich (Black-White-Red) flag with an eagle in the middle of the flag.

The Authority's largest family is the Keitel family, the family consists of usernames with the surname "Keitel", for example: Razor Keitel, Tapo Hans Keitel and Red Keitel.

Most of the family members often use the Gothic Font as their username font.
Some Person: What's up with them?
Erwin: Oh they are just The Authority, just a bunch of Bastards that follows Keitelism.
Jovian: I thought they became better after some things that happened, I don't know.
by Jovian123 January 13, 2021
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The. Best. Job. Ever.
-One has no boss.
-One has no specific time to wake up.
-One can make up stories without being questioned.
-One can make millions.
-One can go on holidays as much as they please.
-One can work when they feel like it.
-One is not rushed.
-One can work at home.
Stephanie Mayer is not an author.
She. Is. A. Fool.
by LE POOPMASTER!!! January 29, 2012
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The inability to finish any type of written communication, i.e. novels, emails, letters, memos, etc...
Todd was in the middle of finishing his next best seller, when his authoritis flared up and caused him to cease writing.

Brook: How is the next novel coming Todd?
Todd: It was going great until my authoritis came back.
Brook: That sucks.
Todd: Tell me about it, this was going to be the best one yet.
by Hemingway34 June 22, 2010
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to become the author of.
by Jack in Yo Box February 17, 2009
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we're not crazy. we're whimsical.
authors can go on amazing adventures using only a keyboard, a pencil and paper, and their imagination ;)
by anawesomeauthor February 23, 2012
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