If you ain't his nigga than your girl is single to him.
Known for TYB.
Erwin took my bitch.
by I Told You 101 March 13, 2017
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The most amazing person you will ever meet. His friend Aaron is a total failure compared to him. Erwin is a tall handsome man that Aaron strives to be and he will be the better friend.
Man I wish Aaron would be more like Erwin.
by Aar0n119 November 26, 2018
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Erwin is the sweetest guy you'll ever meet! He's gentleman and a great listener. He's great at his studies and is confident in what he does. He may seem like a wimp at first but trust me when you get on his bad side...remember to protect your face.

Lot's of girls like him but he's loyal so he won't cheat, that's the reason why those girls call him a heartbreaker. Don't misunderstand that he likes you, he's just being polite and nice.

He can play the violin, piano, guitar, ukulele, and other instruments. He always smiles. Don't be fooled by his outgoing personality. He's an introvert and by the way he's pretty cute.
Erwin is the campus crush!!! But I had a crush on him since preparatory class. 🥰😍
by Your Friendly Shy Girl January 11, 2020
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the most intelligent, sexiest and funniest boyfriend ever!
"does your erwin has a brother? is he single?"
by peppermint patty1 February 04, 2010
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The best bitch in the whole entire world. They will have your back and stand up for whatever they believe in. They are shy against romance but not friendship. At times aggressive but they really are a cinnamon roll underneath all the layers and walls they put up. When you have and Erwin in your life you know life has gone right.
Man, she is such an Erwin.
Erwin is the best
by Not your's May 18, 2020
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The best guy ever, who loves to write poems. He rocks at everything, and loves going outside. He's very easy to get to know, and everyone loves him. A very awesome guy. :D
Person X: Who are you going to the concert with?

Person A: Erwin.

Person X: Count me in!
by Reader1199 June 18, 2010
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Small town in north-eastern Tennessee. The Appalachian Trail runs near it, and it is a popular destination for hikers to 1. resupply and/or 2. waste days away at the local hiker hostel.
-Erwin is a good stop off point, they have a movie theater, a sonic and a couple pizza places.

-let's do this thang.
by smockadoodledoo March 11, 2010
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