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what people do when they start to fear life more than they fear death. After this point the only thing that will keep them alive is a feeling of responsibility (which is total bullshit) or lack of will-power
that kid that everybody picks on committed suicide
by Jimmy the Reaper August 18, 2006

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the things that starts to happen as soon as you stop growing
puberties over, now its time to start dying
by Jimmy The Reaper August 24, 2006

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a part of your hand which most people dont know is a much better substitute for a fist when your hitting something. The reasons for this is because an open hand is more relaxed and is thus more powerful. It is also safer because the skin on your knuckles can split easily. You also have a smaller chance to break your fingers.
Smart people use palm strikes intead of fists when fighting
by Jimmy the Reaper August 18, 2006

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the thing that society will always hate and critisize, no matter who is currently 'it'. The thing that keeps people in line. The thing that somehow keeps people recycling and being nice to strangers. This thing is seconded only to Hollywood, which commands much more respect and power. Without it, we would return to being animals, relying only on instincts.
Person 1: Dude i hate the government, and cops and shit, i hate them

Person 2: You cant imagine what would happen without authority dude
by Jimmy the Reaper August 18, 2006

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a sexual manuever usually performed by two wrestlers in public. It closely resembles the 69 position, only standing up.
undertaker just gave oral pleasures to his brother kane, in public, via the tombstone piledriver
by Jimmy the Reaper August 18, 2006

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a director who is becoming well known for destroying what could have been an awesome movie. The most well know examples of his destructive works would be The Lord of the Rings and King Kong, which he soundly destroyed a while back.
Guy: Wanna go watch a movie

Other guy: If its by Peter Jackson then no way. He is a destoyer of classic literature and classic movies
by Jimmy the Reaper August 14, 2006

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