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1. The high-percentage shot in basketball. Performed by stuffing the ball down through the rim, and generally done with some force. Can be done in a number of creative ways. Sometimes shortened to just dunk.
2. a sure thing, even money, in the bag
3. what they said
1. Shaq did a slam dunk, hung on the rim, and shattered the glass.
2. Don't worry about it; it's a slam dunk!
3. same as above
by fizzle April 10, 2004
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An action that is accomplished very easy.
Absolving the matriculation was a slam dunk for me.
by BlackPohatu January 18, 2017
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Slam Dunk centers around Hanamichi Sakuragi, who starts as a delinquent outcast, becoming the leader of a gang. Hanamichi, being very unpopular with girls, has been rejected by them fifty times. Yet, he finds out that Haruko Akagi is the girl of his dreams, and is happy when she's not scared of him like all the other girls he has asked out. Haruko Akagi, who recognizes Hanamichi's athleticism, introduces him to the Shohoku basketball team. Hanamichi was reluctant to join the team at first because he had no previous background in any sports and thought that basketball was a game for losers (also because the fiftieth girl rejected him for a basketball player). Sakuragi, despite his immaturity and hot temper, proves to be a natural athlete with potential and joins the team in order to impress Haruko and prove that he is worthy of her. Kaede Rukawa โ€” Sakuragi's bitter rival (both on the basketball court and love, even when Rukawa doesn't acknowledge Haruko's crush on him), the star rookie and a "girl magnet" - joins the team at the same time. Hisashi Mitsui, an ex-junior high school MVP, and Ryota Miyagi, a short but fast player, both also rejoin the team and together these four struggle to complete team captain Takenori Akagi's dream of making Shohoku the national champion. Together, these misfits gain publicity and the once little known Shohoku basketball team becomes an all-star contender in Japan.
Slam Dunk is a sports-themed anime series about a basketball team from Shohoku High School. There are a total of 101 episodes.
by โ™ซ Highway to Hell โ™ซ September 04, 2010
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A term coined by former Black Isle Studio head Feargus Urquhart to refer to a video game (or, in general, any product) that can be designed quickly and then sold for a profit.
So that I could retain as much of Black Isle as I could, I had to come up with a project that could be finished relatively quickly and was a slam dunk with very little to no risk of it getting done on time. That project is the Monroe project (a.k.a. Icewind Dale II) which we are announcing within the week.
by Slithe March 31, 2011
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the act of going up to a girl with big tits or a guy with man boobs and slapping the tit once on the bottom and quickly then slapping the top of the tit.
He totally slam dunk - ed her in the hallway, and she totally slamdunked his tits too
by dstreb May 17, 2011
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To encourage someone you are hooking up with to give you oral sex, by pushing their head downwards.
Kate: OMG he tried to Slam Dunk me last night, and I was like watever!
by acillatem July 10, 2008
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When you are having sex and you shove your balls in along with your penis.
Can I give you a "slam dunk" this time babe?
by Chim Robely May 14, 2008
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