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1.) A dismissive for appearing out of touch, behind the times, or slow.
2.) To be stupid, retarded or mentally challenged.
Ali G: "I iz actually spasticated"
Mate: "What are you fucken spasticated or sunnin?"
by rainey06au August 02, 2005

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To personally fragrance an enclosed space, alone or in the company of others is to leave an aroma. To invite an unwelcome smell into the area and act suspiciously responsible.
"man that aroma is rank! not around the ladies!"
"you fucken dirty bastard that is WRONG, go clean yourself up"
by rainey06au August 02, 2005

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1.) To be at the top of your career, a prime leading example, exquisite and talented in what you do, looked up to by many and always spoken to respectfully. Highly regarded.

2.) To have someone gag on your sausage
"look he wants that headjob so badly"
"he'll have to give one to get it"

It was a mistake to give John Howard a headjob
by rainey06au August 02, 2005

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The situation someone gets in when they have no idea how to collect welfare. People in rural Africa dont have a choice. Those long distance runners from Kenya look like they could use a good feed.
"people in poverty live in drains under the city, or in Africa"
"I wish these pov's would stop asking me for money"
by rainey06au August 02, 2005

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A vehicle that makes me feel dirty to think about. Crafted from boat offcuts in some crazy korean backyard (see hyundai) this car should never have been mass produced. A disappointment in many eyes and hopefully a lesson learned.
"y0 taht Excel is fuly hektic wif da 18 inch blingin chrome spinnarz, GT wing and da underside neonz, where can I gits me one of dems?"
"your kidding me right?"

"is that a veilside!?"
"no its a fucking turd"
by rainey06au August 01, 2005

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