Adj. Characterized by intense anxiety or fear, and accompanied by twitching muscles, rapid breathing, full body muscle contractions, testicular retraction and severe puckering of the anal sphincter; usually brought on by climbing on difficult terrain or WAY above your last piece of protection.
Dude, he's about to peel; he's way too gripped to finish the climb.
by jrw April 25, 2005
an adjective used to describe a long length of time
Yo, I havent seen you in a grip. It must have been a year.
by K-BREEZY April 5, 2008
$10,000. Named so due to the size of the wad of bills. Unlike a "stack" which is how 10 $100 bills are put together (in a stack), a grip is 10 stacks, only way to hold it is to grip it because its all rolled up.
"Walk around like I got a grip in my pants, yea thats about 10 stacks..." -Young Jeezy
by Tha_Ape September 28, 2006
Extremely or a lot of. See also grippa.
Diggity damn, I see a grip of fine bitches up in this piece!

Childress is at the line shooting two with Stanford down two points and 3.4 seconds left...damn nigga he's grip of got to make these shots!
by Nick D February 9, 2004
I went to the store a bought a whole grip of forties.
by PMink September 28, 2004
A condition in which a person experiences crippling stomach cramps, but are unable to take a shit. Will often have you wishing for sweet death and cursing yourself for having those Chili Cheese Fries for lunch. That chocolate milkshake probably didn't help matters either. Can last for several hours or in extreme cases, several days (The Raging Grips). Rest assured, when the bottom drops out though be prepared because shit is about to seriously go down (pun intended). Usually following a case of the grips is a condition called "Shotgun Disorder".
I don't know what the put in that cheeseburger but I've got a case of the grips that'll have you running for cover.
by Rocky Skyline November 5, 2009
Unit of measurement for long periods of time.
It took us a grip to get there.
I haven't been to this bar in a grip.
by Hot Bag April 20, 2009