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Adj. Characterized by intense anxiety or fear, and accompanied by twitching muscles, rapid breathing, full body muscle contractions, testicular retraction and severe puckering of the anal sphincter; usually brought on by climbing on difficult terrain or WAY above your last piece of protection.
Dude, he's about to peel; he's way too gripped to finish the climb.
by jrw April 25, 2005
Verb. To slowly work one's way up a climb, bolt by bolt, resting repeatedly and spending significant time hanging on the rope rather than climbing from deck to anchors without a rest or fall.
He hangdogged all day on that route.
by jrw April 25, 2005
Cowboy useage: rum, heard in old cowboys songs from time to time.
by jrw February 26, 2005
Noun. The potent, and usually putrid, crotch odor that develops after about four days of sustained, strenuous activity without benefit of a bath; the malodorous mixture of testicle and ass sweat. Often associated with multi-day backpacking, biking or climbing trips.
I didn't realize I had mountain junk until I changed my underwear this morning.
by jrw April 28, 2005
Verb. To fall from a great height and hit the ground.
Scott was way above his last piece of pro when he fell and he totally decked.
by jrw April 25, 2005
Verb. To climb viciously hard. Often said of someone who climbs powerful routes at high volume.
Lisa Rands climbed six V7's today; she cranks!
by jrw April 25, 2005
As holla became more and more prevelant in the urban (then overall youth) scene, "Grita" emerged in Hispanic youth communities.
Holla -> Grita
e.g. Holla, playa -> Grita}, 'mano
by jrw January 24, 2005