11 definitions by jrw

N. Combination of liberal and retard
Used derogatorily by conservatives/Republicans for liberals/Democrats
Pl. Libtards

"Libterd", related and created using possibly this word as a foundation, or possibly from a different source as a combination of Liberal and Terd, without the prior knowledge of Libtard
Yea, Libtard, I guess you want free health-care too?!
by jrw January 24, 2005
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Noun. The potent, and usually putrid, crotch odor that develops after about four days of sustained, strenuous activity without benefit of a bath; the malodorous mixture of testicle and ass sweat. Often associated with multi-day backpacking, biking or climbing trips.
I didn't realize I had mountain junk until I changed my underwear this morning.
by jrw April 28, 2005
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Verb. To climb viciously hard. Often said of someone who climbs powerful routes at high volume.
Lisa Rands climbed six V7's today; she cranks!
by jrw April 24, 2005
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Verb. To fall from a great height and hit the ground.
Scott was way above his last piece of pro when he fell and he totally decked.
by jrw April 24, 2005
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Cowboy useage: rum, heard in old cowboys songs from time to time.
by jrw February 25, 2005
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Noun. In climbing, a free-fall (usually >50 feet) lasting long enough for you to empty your lungs and refill them for a second scream.
Did you hear about Scott's ride yesterday? He took a screamer on El Cap.
by jrw April 29, 2005
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V. to complain, to "pitch a fit". Mainly only used in the gerund.
*"I don't belly ache" instead-
"I ain't belly aching"
Coloquial term used in the southern rural areas of the US, (possibly other areas?)
"Quit che belly achin' an' complainin', bauw!"
"I ain't doin' it mama."
by jrw February 28, 2005
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