Verb, meaning to eat quickly/aggressively.
Damn, you really mowed that cheeseburger!
by pearlmaj January 10, 2004
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1.A mow has whiskers and fur, a tail and paws with paw pads. A mow is a mammal. It is mowful, and one defining characteristic of a mow is its radiating of mowness.

2. Sound made by a mow. Sounds like "mow."

3. An expression used to convey surprise, pleasure or just having heard a person say something. Sometimes replaces "wow."
1. "Oh! Look at that mow! She's layin' in a basket! That's so mowful!"

2. "Madison! Madison! Move! You're in my seat!"

3. "I ordered a pressure cooker online!"
"Mow! That's awesome!
by Krevency August 12, 2005
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Make Out Withdrawl
A state of deperately needing to make out.
Mongoose had MOW until he met Maggie. ;-)
by Embrodak March 28, 2005
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a cute sound from a japanese cat
mi-mi said 'mow' when she ate the sushi.
by louloulou May 25, 2005
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a word to describe a shitty situation. negative, but at the same time, very versatile. Almost as if your saying "Whhhhyyyyy..??"
After receiving a bad test grade, you mumble to yourself, "mow..."

having a bad day? describe it with "mow"

Meeka: Dude, I love to lick wenises
Lauren: mow...
by wenislicker October 12, 2004
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To steal your best friends partner and/or have a root with them.
Particularly relating to gay/bi relationships.
Im gonna mow you...

Im going to mow David's new boy.

Im gonna mow your boyfriend mofo.
by Levi_777 June 8, 2009
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short for more, if you havent noticed gangsters, black peolpe, any one with a dark skin tone dosent use "R" in a sentence unless its at the begining of the sentence
yo pass me some mow of that fowdy, a.k.a. fordy "colt 45"
by josh January 24, 2005
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