We could go and get forties. Then we'd go to some party. Oh really? Your folks are away now. Alright lets go. I'll be right there. -12:51-The Strokes
by drewandfabfan February 23, 2004
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plural form of wordforty/word, referring to several 40 ounce bottles of liquor.
yo, let's stop by tha word7-11/word and get some forties and roll to tha wordpartay/word.
by bud newman. February 28, 2003
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Any of a variety of 40 ounce malt beverages.
Hey i wonder if that bum has drunken any forties lately
by ill bill December 24, 2002
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a slang term used for when ever one gets a black ice monster slurpee in a 40oz cup.also know as 4awty or the green shizzle.

Craig: Lets go gets sum 4awtysz!!!

jimbo: wtf is a forty?

Craig: a liquid in which ur shit becomes green sun.

by N of n0v3mBer January 27, 2009
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The number one greater than thirty-nine and one less than forty-one.
When no one was looking, Lex Luthor
took forty cakes. He took 40 cakes.
That's as many as four tens.
And that's terrible.
by JamesBCrazy December 20, 2013
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Any forty ounce bottle of alcohol. May be used to casually refer to any .40 calibre firearm.
Sawed off shotgun / hand on the pump / left hand on a forty / puffin' on a blunt
by T.D. January 20, 2003
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