"A Grip" - An large amount of a particular item (ex; time, money, and/or female ass). Originated with hustlers counting their cash with how much would fit between your thumb & index finger (grip). Then it evolved into describing any item of large a value/quantity.
1. That BMW must have cost a grip!
2. It's been a grip since I cruised the shaw.
3. Keisha has a grip of ass!
by Marcellaus April 29, 2006
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adjective meaning excess or large amounts of.
Fletcher had a grip a' funny money for the strip club.
by rickoshea September 24, 2003
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a period of two weeks or more
"Say man, I aint seen you in about a grip."
by me you and the rest of us April 9, 2006
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The final actions to kill someone when they are knocked out
by buildlineage November 9, 2020
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Yo! I got a grip of cash today, lets go spend it.


Theres no need to buy more beer, I have a grip at home.
by Nemon23 October 4, 2002
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For a long time. See grip.
We've been waiting for a grip.
by Fangsta March 19, 2003
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