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A person who routinely proves that he/she serves no purpose in society. Generally carry themselves with a sense that they are the hottest shit on planet earth and are incapable of being wrong on any manner. This term can often be applied to celebrities, entertainers, artists and subjects of news stories who recieve accolades for no apparent reason. When critisized will often resort to "pouting" and "acting like a little bitch". Can generally be summed up as a waste of precious oxygen.
That guy is a toxic waste of life.
by rocky skyline November 01, 2009

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A condition in which a person experiences crippling stomach cramps, but are unable to take a shit. Will often have you wishing for sweet death and cursing yourself for having those Chili Cheese Fries for lunch. That chocolate milkshake probably didn't help matters either. Can last for several hours or in extreme cases, several days (The Raging Grips). Rest assured, when the bottom drops out though be prepared because shit is about to seriously go down (pun intended). Usually following a case of the grips is a condition called "Shotgun Disorder".
I don't know what the put in that cheeseburger but I've got a case of the grips that'll have you running for cover.
by Rocky Skyline November 04, 2009

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A method of generating your personal porn name. The formula woks by taking the name of your first pet and combining it with the current street you live on. A popular college major in southern California.
First pet + current street= The Porno Equation

Rocky Skyline
Bubba Crosshill
Fluffy Grandview
Voodoo Arkadelphia
Ike Folmer
by Rocky Skyline November 04, 2009

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a.k.a. The Whiskey Shits. What occurs when you eat a large quantity fast food combined with a period of consuming alcohol. Known as a "two-step" because when you think you've finished shitting your brains out you wont get two steps away from the toilet before having to back up for another round.
I shouldn't have had that steak and gravy, it's giving me a case of the Tiajuana Two-Step.

I would stay out of that bathroom for a while, somebody put the Tiajuana Two-Step on it.
by Rocky Skyline November 04, 2009

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A resturant with widespread popularity in the South. Usually consists of a steam table that allows customers to pick a meat and three vegtables. The best meat and threes put gravy on everything, even the mac and cheese. The meal is often served with a large sweet tea in a glass with an ad for the Bear Bryant Radio Show. It is advised that a restroom be within easy reach to counter the inevitable case of "the shits" that is sure to follow.
Employee 1: What do you guys want for lunch today?

Employee 2: Let's go put on a feedbag over at the Meat and Three, it's turkey and dressing day.
by Rocky Skyline November 04, 2009

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The act of stopping for gas at a southern convenience store/gas station. Catagorized by the purchase of inexpensive gas station items such as Mexican style candy, sales papers, boiled peanuts, novelty air fresheners, and scratch and win lottery tickets (where available). May also include a trip to the shitter or condom dispenser.
Passenger: Make an Alabama pit stop over at that speedy mart.

Driver: Why?

Passenger: I want to get a can of Skoal and some gummi worms.
by Rocky Skyline November 04, 2009

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A multi purpose term that describes when you put the screwing of a lifetime on you girfriend, wife, or woman you bonded with over tequila shots at the nearby watering hole. This term can apply to a wide variety of sexual moves and teqnuiqes but simply put means you woke up the whole damn trailer park and were the subject of several noise violations called in by your neighbors. Anyone subject to a stepover toehold may feel the need to abstain from sex for the rest of their natural life.
Barfly 1: Hey I heard you went on another date with your girlfriend last night.

Barfly 2: Hell yeah, I had to put the old stepover toehold on her. I heard she's done skipped town I ain't seen her since.
by Rocky Skyline November 04, 2009

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