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One who has a mania for music.
I am a melomaniac.
by Larstait November 14, 2003
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64 of any given item, originating from Minecraft.
Yo Dylan, can I have a stack of cobble?
Sure bruv, but can I have a half stack of chiseled stone brick in return?
by mediator arry March 26, 2020
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The stack is a sum of money or of other equally liquid financial assets.

The stack only goes up or down and it's your main job to make it go up.

The stack is your best friend.

The stack doesn't lie, doesn't cheat and doesn't betray. The stack doesn't judge you, doesn't harm you and doesn't plot against you.

The stack is always there for you, in good times and it bad times.

It makes bad times better and it makes good time amazing.

The stack might make some of your fake friends jealous and it's best enjoyed with your real niggas, the ones that were there for you when you didn't have much stack.

When lost, just look at the stack for mentoring: will the stack go up or down following your action? Once you know the answer, you know what to do.
Momo: bro, if I had to teach one and only one thing it would be this: keep your eyes on the stack. Don't let ego or hoes get in the way. The stack is the final answer of your every action.
by LB7 December 03, 2014
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Thousands of dollars. A stack is one thousand dollars. Stacks is a synonym for thousands referring in terms of dollars.
by StaxxMoney December 07, 2013
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