combination of "jizz and easy", often used to describe a premature ejaculation or a girl who will cause you a premature ejaculation.
"Man, I screwed up last night I jeezied twenty seconds in. *Sigh* She was so hot."

"Dayumm she's a jeezy"
by S.P. ermin herman G. July 23, 2012
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A really smooth good guy. One who makes really smooth moves and likes to be in the smoothest environment possible. Often times very influential, smart and knows how to be a smooth encounter.
Jeezy is smooth good guy.
by oojeez March 15, 2017
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A transgender guy or a guy that acts very feminine.
Friend 1: Bro he's such a jeezy he only hangs out with girls and likes sex education.
Friend 2: Yeah, he's a jeezy for sure.
by Stenchy Mess November 14, 2020
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Justin: "hey you guys down for a session?"

Omar, Victor, Sumit: "yeah lets roll up a fat jeezy"
by oguti22 August 16, 2010
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If something or someone is: good, cool, hip, fab, fly, dope, fresh, klean, pretty, sweet, nice (Depends on if you add positive emphasis)
Susy walked in the door with the latest-flyest nike kicks on her feet, Billy looked at her and said, "WOW, your kicks are mad jeezy susy!"
by Jamazing July 27, 2008
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"Nigga get off my jeezy"

"Antwan has a big jeezy"
by PatronPatriot December 3, 2009
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