e.g. dudes hang on i need to wip the legnth out ( go to the toilet)

or, haha i was bored so i slaped her with ma legnth
by tedhardcore June 27, 2005
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"If you mix up length and breadth, a penis would be 6 inches wide and only an inch long"

"That ships breadth does not allow it to enter the channel, but I'd say it's length is pretty damn long for such a wide ship"
by _DV April 1, 2003
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Name for massive manhood, so large it assumes it's own persona independant of the male to which it is attached.
"Hey Anthony! How are you?" "I'm good" "How's The Length?" "The Length is looking for lucky ladies"
by Mister Back December 13, 2011
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The measure from distance to distance.
person: wanna know the length of my dick
me: I’m totally okay with never knowing that
by yummytoenails69 October 4, 2018
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What wattpad users call a guys dick
Writer: "Tom inserted his length"
Me: "Just say dick!!!!"
by DorasOnCrack November 7, 2022
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If something is over avarage in size, longness, sometimes pronounced "LEMF"
A: This film is 4 hours long mate.
B: Length!

A: I walked all the way from Central London to Barnet this morning, I was hammered...
B: That is :Length!

A: Ive got work at 11pm through the night
B: Lenth!
by dirtydexta December 13, 2009
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Short for wavelengths. Used when two people are coincidentally in sync or thinking similarly.
"You know you and Jeremiah have such similar taste in music and fashion"

"Yeah lengths innit"
by gjaa February 25, 2018
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