as well as it being used as the word penis, it can also be used instead of you
"how are yoons doing"

"Do one of yoons wanna lend me a five"
by A Person From Derby May 5, 2007
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The act of not making a purchase after working extremely hard on researching and selecting the desired product which is often essential for oneself.

The yooner will put in a high degree of research into the product and will find the best deal but end up missing out because they are not much fun.

A loose synonym to “missing out”
I found a great deal on a coffee machine. It’s being sold at a great price (20% off), I love coffee and it will pay for itself within weeks.

Hmm I won’t get it today because it might drop in price by another 50% tomorrow.

Next day: oh no, the coffee machine deal I found has expired before I could make the purchase, the price has increased 20% I yooned it.
by Ilovekpmg December 28, 2021
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In Scotland: a shortening of 'unionist', one who wants Scots and Englishmen to remain politically united.
According to the 2014 referendum, 55% of Scots are yoons.
by Bedlamite10 May 2, 2016
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a non-erect, or flaccid penis
he whipped out his yoon in front of everyone, leaving it dangling for all to see
by eric stritter October 26, 2006
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A mix of the words "you" and "don't", use by people who talk too fast for they own good.
If a girl show you her tits, yoon even gone know what to do wit'em!
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when i and david met we had a great yoon.
by jumaanji October 24, 2020
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a word describing a person from ur social group used by devvo from fat pie
Omg yoons, neva guess what ive done......had sex with a cow!
by Coop1 May 28, 2008
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