a country wide vote held to determine whether the public thinks it is a good idea/question and to either go forward with it or not.
the 1967 referendum was a very important event in Australia's history
by CHOGIWA1998 June 26, 2017
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A commonly used term when people engage in the game FIFA.
The referee makes a bad decision interrupting the flow of the game and thus the person playing the game says "Allow the referendum"

Referendum meaning "Referee" but a modified version of the original word.
User 1: Oh yeah through on goal yeah

User 2: "Peforms a bad tackle"

Referee gives the decision towards the offender

User 1: Allow the referendum!
by Oh yeah referendum yeah March 19, 2011
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Noun. An act of intense self-destruction. A suicidal act. Usually harms many people, not just the person committing the act. Often causes those witnessing the act to facepalm or exclaim in a loud voice "Why?".
Bob: "I'm going to ask a bunch of completely uninformed people to make all my decisions for me from now on. Leadership is too difficult!"
Sue: "Oh no Bob, not another Greek Referendum...."
by MFerg November 2, 2011
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Refers to the mass outpouring of anger and idiotic statements from the losers of the British EU referendum in 2016. Symptoms include signing online petitions calling for another referendum or calling for London to declare its independence from the rest of the UK, crying to your friends on Facebook about how life is just so unfair, smashing your TV when Nigel Farage comes on, and in the most extreme cases: resigning as Prime Minister.
"Its just the referendum rage talking. You know that when only 31.56 per cent of 18-24 year olds bother voting you can't say its the older generations pulling you out against your will."
by TheEmerald June 25, 2016
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When you're opposed to something, only to change your mind a year later in favour of it. Just like Ireland did with the Nice and Lisbon treaties.
Guy 1: "Dude! My girlfriend finally agreed!"
Guy 2: "Seriously? I thought last year she was all like "exit only"?
Guy 1: I guess she had an Irish referendum on the matter.
by Lairor February 9, 2010
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