Yoon Bum is the main character from the manhwa Killing Stalking. He lost both of his parents when he was a little kid, he was then given to his stinky uncle and grandma wo lived in a poor household, Bum had to sleep on the ground and he was being abused, starved, and raped every day by his overweight uncle for years. He was also bullied in school and never had friends and then he was sexually abused in military. As if that wasn't already bad enough, Sangwoo then kidnapped Bum and verbally abused Bum for months. Bum's whole life was basically hell and all he ever wanted was for someone to love him for once. He received his first present ever when he was 28 YEARS OLD. This poor abused boy never had anything nice happening to him.
Yoon Bum is a orphan and lifelong abuse and rape victim who deserved so much better, preferably lots of hugs, therapy, and pet frogs (He loves frogs)
His name makes totally sense when you see his bum btw
by xosspas August 15, 2021
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A crazy-ass slap by someone to anywhere on your body. That includes the penis.

A: Holy shit, Ryan just got yoon slapped on the arm!
B: Look, he's holding his arm and screaming his head off in pain!
by dskfhsad;fh;a December 1, 2006
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He is a Colin Yoon
by Marcus Woo Wei Bing September 20, 2021
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by Big Brain Gang November 16, 2020
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5”6 white girl. built like bitmoji with the energy to match. Green tea addict and proud brother of furry.

Additional Info
Fursona: moltenleopard flashyfang jr III

Sisters Twitter: @yoonyTunesMoth
Did you guys see Matthew Yoon? He’s watching hentai on zoom with Camryn!
by vishtiiiii February 17, 2022
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Korean name ,a guy who tried to get better and better at playing league of legends. He is still Bronze , i don't know how it is possible.
Dong-Yoon name is for people who are Beautiful and sexy.
Yvan: Yo Dong!
Dong-Yoon: fuck you
by DongJnoun February 2, 2022
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