Hi Clark, are you yooning right now?
Wait, but what is a yoon?
by k1ngtempest December 11, 2020
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- He's a soft and kind-hearted person you'll ever met.

- One of the things you can't take away from him is his motivation and passion.

- He is one of the Visual Trinity of there group.
- His spirit animal is lion.


- Nations Son-in-law

- Nations Boyfriend

- Selca Expert
Yoon Jaehyuk is a kind and talented person. No one not even a single soul can ignore his cuteness, his love to everyone. Im short you can't resist him.
by October 26, 2020
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yoon seungho is daddy
i want a man like yoon seungho
by fax-only February 8, 2021
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1) Yoon Jeonghan (윤정한) is a South Korean singer and performer under Pledis Entertainment. He is a member of the South Korean boy group SEVENTEEN under 'Vocal Team'.
2) another word synonym to word 'cheat' (usually use while playing games) or 'prank'. it's based on his cheerful and playful behaviour when he plays games with his members.
'If I yoon jeonghan in my exam, will my teacher mad?'
'I yoon jeonghaned my friends yesterday.'
by junniemeow November 14, 2021
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A member of the boy group, SEVENTEEN, a yassified male who slays all day and constantly cheats and every game possible. Jeonghan is also a queer, gay icon.
Woman : I think Yoon Jeonghan in his long hair era made me realize I like girls...
Man : Jeonghan made ME realize I like men ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
Yoon Jeonghan : I always Knew I was everyone's gay awakening
by Eelsparklee October 16, 2022
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Yoon Bum is the main character from the manhwa Killing Stalking. He lost both of his parents when he was a little kid, he was then given to his stinky uncle and grandma wo lived in a poor household, Bum had to sleep on the ground and he was being abused, starved, and raped every day by his overweight uncle for years. He was also bullied in school and never had friends and then he was sexually abused in military. As if that wasn't already bad enough, Sangwoo then kidnapped Bum and verbally abused Bum for months. Bum's whole life was basically hell and all he ever wanted was for someone to love him for once. He received his first present ever when he was 28 YEARS OLD. This poor abused boy never had anything nice happening to him.
Yoon Bum is a lifelong abuse and rape victim who deserved so much better, preferably lots of hugs, therapy, and pet frogs (He loves frogs)
His name makes totally sense when you see his bum btw
by xosspas August 12, 2021
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