Solid fat used to make pastry.
I don't eat shortening based products anymore.
by manulojose November 4, 2014
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An extreme fox; one who is hot beyond belief, yet somehow approachable. Often chased by copious amounts of paparazzi. Known to enjoy red wine, root beer vodka, and a good time.
Look at that shorten gettin' down on the dance floor! Those hips don't lie.
by shorts-2 June 14, 2010
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'Link Shortener' is a type of website and/or service that will turn your long URLs such as into a shorter URL such as
link shortener adfly tinyurl bitly short url
by UranusTBN November 23, 2013
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As in "What's your location?" Truckers ask other truckers this question in an attempt to triangulate smokey's location.
Bud says, "Jed, you might wanna mind your meter, the bear is round the bend."

Jed says, "that's a 10-4, whats your 20"?

Bud: marker 27.

Jed: I got my eyes on.


often shortened to: "what's your 20?" or just 20? when texting
by Mr Major July 2, 2008
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As early as 2009, Google launched a URL shortening service, Also added the QR code and Api features, as well as the Android and ios App.

But unfortunately, on April 13, 2019, Google announced that officially announced its withdrawal.

There are several ways to shorten the URL, such as direct shortening, shortened QR code, shortened custom URLs, shortened custom domain for Suort, API, and more. .

The function of is very complete and the design is very suitable for use in various occasions.

shortener, How to shorten a url
by October 24, 2019
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