In Scotland: a shortening of 'unionist'.
According to the referendum, 55% of Scots are yoons.
by Bedlamite10 May 6, 2016
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A common Korean name that basically means they are an awesome guy/girl everyone loves cause they are too awesome for anyone else to handle. They are so awesome that words cannot even begin to express the awesome. Many can't pronouce the name properly for some reason. Obviously they cannot even pronounce the awesome.
Person: So its euan.
Yoon: No its Yoon, Yoo-n
Person: Oh Yoooon
Yoon: Oh I give up
by bigturtleguy March 16, 2013
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Yoon is a really Nice person and she is super hot too. She is funny. Yoon is innocent but can be really dirty minded sometimes. Yoon and make friends easily because she got this charm
Timmy: can I date you yoon?
Yoon: no sorry I have a boyfriend

Timmy: aw man
by Timmy TURNING June 4, 2021
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slang term of agreement or endearment used commonly in the south west of England. first heard in Penzance.
'lets go town?', 'yoon'. 'alright mate?', 'yoon'.
by hidden agenda March 29, 2010
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I stopped at my friend's house to pick up a yoon.
by Meegish June 19, 2018
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In the Highlands of Scotland a yoon is a semen stain. It is usually dry and very hard to remove from clothing.
Must hae been a pure dead brilliant night, had a yoon on ma jeans
by Barticus666 December 15, 2017
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A conceited asshole who thinks he's the best graphics designer ever. Yoon is a fatass. Yoon is also a fail troll.
Yoon: lol u sak @ gfx
by DestinyMS April 18, 2010
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