Rule of Thumb:

When someone says he is Korean, always assume that he is from SOUTH Korea.
John: Hey man, where you from?

Lee: Hi I'm korean.

John: Cool, north or south?

Lee: *Respectful Silence*
by pheonix September 5, 2012
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Adj. Someone who was either born or is an inhabitant of the Korean peninsula, regardless of the country, whether it be Democratic People's Republic of Korea (North) or Republic of Korea (South).
He was born in Seoul, therefore he is Korean by birth.
by delete October 4, 2005
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An Asian nationality that tends to be questioned by rednecks.
Jimmy: So... you Asian?
Jill: Yup.
Jimmy: Chinese, er Japanese?
Jill: ...I'm Korean.
Jimmy: Is that 'part of Japan?
by Skitzou November 15, 2005
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1) People who are of Korean heritage or were born in Korea.
2) Objects or merchandise from Korea

No koreans do not all look the same, apparently all asians look the same. Wrong. Go get a new pair of eyes. All three major Asian countries have similar cultures but are distinctly different. If you get pissed that some country copied your country get over yourselves because you aren't part of that country. Your country probably copied too.
Pencil label) Made in Korea. it's korean.
by Rune Lee August 15, 2010
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people think that your either chinese or japanese, and when they ask you and you say your korean, they say North or South. Always assume South because they most likely are. People also say are you japanese or chinese, and then they say are you asian? People are dumb.
white person 1: Hey are you japanese
me (korean): no
white person 2: Chinese?
me: no
white person 1: wait are you asian. Speak asian for me
me: :c
by ^TAKO^ March 3, 2020
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Boy #1 - Damn, that korean girl is hot.
Boy #2 - Hotter than any white girl I know, thats for sure.
by Nate00009 February 2, 2009
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The people who you don't want to play at Starcraft. Their culture is basically Starcraft and they worship the Overmind. Like how people evolved from monkeys into civilized people, Koreans evolved from monkeys to Hydralisks and Zealots.
(In a chatroom)
#1 - "Dude, let get a game of Starcraft on."
#2 - "Alright, let's get a 1v1v1."
#1 - "Cool, I got a friend who plays."
#2 - "Who is he?"
#1 - "Some Korean gu---."
#2 - *signs out"
by PanzyWarfare June 29, 2009
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