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Some kid on forums who tries really hard to troll, but just gets shot down, because he somehow fails at the simple art of trolling.
Fail Troll: nope, umad.
Better Troll: nahbro
Fail Troll: nope, umad.
Better Troll: you look pretty mad
Fail Troll: nope, umad
Better Troll: do you have anything of substance to say or are you just gonna say stupid fucking shit because you're a fucktard?
by lolthetrolls December 17, 2011
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A troll that's too unfunny to simply label an unoriginal troll or an unfunny troll. No,
this troll is astronomically bad. They enter in forums with either the intention of being
offensive and fall short, or they lack responses alltogether. Everyone knows even the
simplest trolls get at least 3 or 4 replies. Not the failtroll. The failtroll gets none
except his/her sockpuppets. Sometimes a failtroll is too ambitious and delusional to
realize no one is biting their crap and proceed to flood and/or spam a message board or
chatroom in order to get some feedback.
Everyone else: *clicks ignore*
Failtroll: Y NOONE REPLY TO MEH?//
by gdfgdtffghhfghfghfh August 03, 2009
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Someone that is attempting to troll but fails to offend or annoy anyone. Often using statements with failed logic, resulting in them unknowingly insulting themselves. Failtrolls, like 'normal' trolls generally live in dark vile places. IRC and 4chan house the largest populations of failtrolls.
Classic failtroll: "<SilentNinja_> I was gay with your mother lastnight"
by tripv August 11, 2011
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An idiot who fails to be a troll, an idiot who everyone ignores, an idiot who trys to troll but in doing so he/she fails.

An ausy named Nick with the online alias of WinterMute :)
FailTroll : U R Teh gayz
Everyone Else: GTFO NUB
FailTroll: U R teh gayz
Everyone Else: Just GTFO already
FailTroll: U R teh gayz
Admin: Banned
Everyone Else: yay
by Pitborn September 04, 2009
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fails at trolling, and all trolling related subjects, normally resorts to stalking people over facebook

their IRL job is normally something internet related............
example, selling knives
Tony Johnson is a Failtroll
that is all
by rooflesscircusisshite June 18, 2011
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