1. A person you find is kind and caring.

2. An endangered species
1. The waitress at the fast-food restraunt was a nice person.

2. I try to be a nice person, no matter how rare they are.
by Kara Inzuki April 11, 2010
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Noun. An idiot who is easily taken advantage, and often is. Is foolishly optimistic about human nature.
Jesse is such a nice person. What a fucking dumbass.
by BarryMacCockinnur May 29, 2019
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Somebody who does things for other people without benefit to themselves
Couch Dude: Matt, would you be a nice person and grab me a beer bro? I'm busy playing Worms 2 on the couch.

Matt: Sure bro, no problem.
by smackthecrack October 3, 2014
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When one of the boys wants to smash a girl but has to inform them discreetly
Bro 1: “Hey look it’s her”
Her: “Hi”

Her: remains in the same vicinity
Bro 2: looks at bro 1
Bro 2: “she got a nice personality
by J1mmyCrackC0rn March 21, 2020
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a nice person, someone who is friendly.
"hey, you are a nice person."
"awh, thanks!"
by September 14, 2020
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