Semen, spunk, Jizz, Manfat, Cum etc
I sprayed her face with hot yoghurt sauce.
by fatbob May 11, 2003
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Exercise pants worn by chicks that clearly don't exercise.
Those yoghurts are clearly too tight.. they have definitely never seen a gym
by Alexis copcock feelcock January 22, 2022
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somebody that acts stupid does stupid things...or its just a wierd yet funny way of insulting somebody.
the "yoghurt" spills the "insulter's" drink

the insulter:"what the f**k did u do that for you yoghurt!!"
by fuckinidiot August 25, 2006
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what is on the end of grant's dick after sex
grant . . . you know the head doesn't like fruits of the forest . . . it has to be 99% fat free you cunt !!
by paul August 4, 2004
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Yoghurting is a homosexual fetish practice whereby a male ejaculates into another male's anus and proceeds to eat his own semen and any faeces that might accompany it with a spoon, somewhat like a yoghurt.
The practice was invented in the twenty-first century in the Midlands, UK.
William found the concept of eating his own semen via yoghurting unhygenic.
by Jonny192 April 28, 2006
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male reproductive juices inside the throat. Generally self applied by swallowing a load.
Jenny loves the throat yoghurt.
by rapunzabel September 10, 2016
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The act of ejaculation into a partner's face.
Can also be used to refer to an incidence of masturbation when the result is messy and requires much cleaning up. Tissues usually suffice, but in extreme cases mop and bucket are required.

a: ey man, what did u get up to last night?
b: i met a crack-whore down at the park and ended up slinging yoghurt.
a: awesome. hi five.
b: yeh. all over her face. she'll be washing it out of her hair for days.
by Nghia February 1, 2006
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