Used by people that cannot correctly spell the word "weird."
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"Weird" spelt incorrectly, mainly by people who were taught and still think to (even if its an unconscious action) "I before E except after C"
Dude, Its spelt w-i-e-r-d! "I before E except after C"
.......You're a dork......
by Kitty-chan June 10, 2005
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a common misspelling of the word weird, which means someone who is..weird. otherwise very strange. cant think of a good meaning.
"dude you're wierd"
"dumbass, it's weird"
by Thrashmeister November 10, 2004
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just came here to say this is the INCORRECT spelling of weird and whoever persists on believing otherwise is WEIRD AF!
Person 1: damn this food be tastin wierd af
Person 2: *weird
Person 1: owo?
Person 2: Ur weird bro, now spell it correctly this time
by Mary Mary Quite The Contrarian January 20, 2022
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Wierd is basically the same meaning as weird.
Just people like me have got it into our head that weird is spelt wierd.
How wierd.
Joanne is wierd.
Joanne is wierder then me.
Rather then:
Joanne is weird.
Joanne is weirder then me.
by Yaquta June 12, 2006
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a particular spelling of the word weird which places the emphasis of 'I' as opposed to the 'We' first in perceiving things of this world as somehow abnormal or otherwise undescribable.
It's so wierd that I dont get it... I dont see why they like doin that. We never did that in my neighborhood.

by thee radical eclectic August 17, 2006
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