A blow job so intense y’all both burn calories
Y’all see Taylor, that bitch sucked the life out of me with that fat free
by Tornado T June 20, 2021
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another word for very cool!

started with friend jess
Oh my god that new sweater is so fat-free
by alyssa March 9, 2005
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something that is so disgustingly awful that it should even, and probably doesn't even exist.
Yeah man, it was total fat free applesauce.
by emmydilemmy August 26, 2010
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this is just another way to say the word Fuck.
where the fat-free-ice-cream are we going?
what the fat-free-ice-cream?!
by Steve Stromboli July 25, 2008
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- The opposite to 99% fat free.
- A fat chick usually with the following qualities:
a low self esteem
and very easy to snag
Macdonald's fries are 99% free fat, so are the "30-cent-cones" which now cost 50 cents

*in da club*
Bill: Look at that babe with her freind.
Mike: Damn! pity her freind is gelatin.
Bill: Take one for the team Mike, it's your turn.
Mike: OK, this wont be hard seeing as she is 99% free fat
Me: Word
by Blazin Hazen August 4, 2006
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When you decide to wear a clingy dress or shirt without shape wear
It is 100 degrees out. I don't care I'm free-fatting this dress today
by Tphoto March 24, 2014
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